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Lifetime Plan - Personal Alarm

Lifetime Plan - Personal Alarm
Lifetime Plan - Personal Alarm
Lifetime Plan - Personal Alarm
Lifetime Plan - Personal Alarm
Lifetime Plan - Personal Alarm
Get your alarm in three easy steps - with nothing more to pay - ever!*

1 - Click 'Buy Now' above (for VAT status information, see the section below).
2 - After check-out complete the application form, we'll contact you if we need further information.
3 - We'll send out your alarm with easy to read instructions, then you're good to go!

What's included in the price?

- Novo personal alarm unit
- Smile pendant - range up to 200 metres and waterproof (can be worn in the bath)
- 24/7 monitoring (our control centre is TSA accredited) for as long as you need it
- Technical support


With our Lifetime Plan, you pay one price for however long you use the service. You are provided with the Novo alarm unit and Smile pendant. The Novo unit is like a loudspeaker telephone with a very sensitive microphone, which means two-way speech will be possible wherever you are in the house. The Smile pendant can either be worn around the wrist or the neck and can be pressed if you ever need help.

Once we have your details, the alarm unit will be programmed and sent to you so you can set it up at home. Don't worry, this is very easy to do, we'll send you clear instructions and we'll be at the other end of a phone should you need further assistance.

Once set up, you have the peace of mind that knowing help is a button press away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you press your button (worn around the neck or around your wrist), one of our dedicated call centre operatives will speak to you and arrange the help you need, be it the police, fire or ambulance service or a loved one or a friend. 

Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden charges and no nasty contracts. Simply click buy and we will set up the payment plan of your choice. If you want to cancel at any time, just give us 30 days notice by pressing your button. 

Simple, honest and easy!

How our prices work 

The price shown is an all in one payment, there is nothing more to pay, ever!* This pricing options allows you the peace of mind that you will have a 24/7 alarms service with nothing more to pay. Please note, this is limited to one service user and is non-transferable. Additional users can be added for £99, please contact us for further information. 

In order to give you a comprehensive service, there are a few details we need from you. To speed things up, please complete the application form online (you will be taken there after checkout), or if you prefer we will call you within 2 working days to collect this information. 

Are you VAT exempt?

If you have a disability or suffer from a long term illness you may be VAT exempt. Check here for guidance and if it applies, please select VAT EXEMPT at checkout.

Please note -  the system requires an active telephone line within 1.5 metres (5 feet) of a free power socket.

How buying helps the Alzheimer’s Society

Many of us are touched by dementia and we fully support the amazing work that the Alzheimer’s society undertakes on a daily basis. That is why every time you purchase a Lifetime plan, we will donate £10 to the folks at the Alzheimer’s society and given how popular our service is, your subscription makes a big difference. On behalf of all those at the Alzheimer’s Society, we thank you for choosing Wacot.

By buying/subscribing to this product, you agree to our terms and conditions found here 


Home Package Setup Guide (PDF)


*Lifetime Plan - the small print

With the Lifetime Plan you are purchasing the equipment outright and 24/7 monitoring of the device for as long as you need it. Faults developed during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge, but outside of the warranty period, or where a fault is due to user damage, then there will be charges associated for repairs. Here is a list of charges that you may incur during your Lifetime Plan (all prices are excluding VAT) -

  • Pendant/Falls Detector battery replacement service (every 2-5 years) £20
  • Replacement  Smile pendant due to user damage or outside of warranty fault - £49
  • Replacement Vibby Falls detector due to user damage or outside of warranty fault - £99
  • Replacement alarm unit due to user damage or outside of warranty fault - £109
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Tony  /  Up North
I like to buy things outright and this seemed like a good deal. The product/service so far has been brilliant. 5 stars!
Jane F  /  Dublin
For the price, very happy!!