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GSM/GPS Watch - Personal Alarm

GSM/GPS Watch - Personal Alarm
GSM/GPS Watch - Personal Alarm
GSM/GPS Watch - Personal Alarm
GSM/GPS Watch - Personal Alarm
GSM/GPS Watch - Personal Alarm
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A safety net anywhere, the Wacot Watch (Powered by Omate) gives you the peace of mind and the independence to live life to the max, knowing that you can raise an alarm and talk to someone wherever you are! Suitable for adults, children and lone workers.

The stylish and comfortable design means that it can be worn whatever the occasion. If you ever need help, simply press the red button on the side of the watch and it will call our 24/7 call centre who will get you the help you need. The control centre will be able to speak to you through the watch to understand what needs you have, whilst having access to your exact location through the watches GPS function. 

We can also set up a 'Geofence' , which means if you leave a certain area, it will automatically inform the control centre who can check to make sure you're ok.

Family members, friends or colleagues can also dial the watch directly (it will pick up automatically) so you'll always be contactable wherever you are!

For the ultimate peace of mind experience, buy the Wacot Watch today. 

How payment works

You purchase the watch outright. Our SIM plan covers 24/7 monitoring, data and voice all required to give you a robust, all-in-one service. Our SIM plans are monthly rolling contracts so you can cancel at anytime.

  • 24/7 monitoring, with no limit on minutes
  • Excellent customer and technical support
  • EU roaming SIM - UK/EU wide coverage
  • Easy to press SOS button
  • 2 way voice communication
  • Splash proof
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • GPS location - we will always be able to find you
  • Family members, friends or colleagues can call the watch directly
  • Family members, friends or colleagues can text the watch to receive it's location
  • Android OS
  • 1.3 LCD touch screen
  • Loudspeaker
  • 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • 48hr battery life (2 hours to charge)
  • Watch base 47mm x 47mm x 15mm

Powered by Omate, in partnership with Careline Care Ltd.

Are you VAT exempt?

If you have a disability or suffer from a long term illness you may be VAT exempt. Check here for guidance and if it applies, please select VAT EXEMPT at checkout.

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Susan Thornley  /  South east

I feel like a new person. My husband loves to go walking and as dementia sufferer he has pulled a few disappearing acts, one time I had to call the police. Now if he is late I can call him and check he has not got lost. I can just drive to get him if he doesn’t know what park or town he is in. Now I get to concentrate on other things. Thank you for suggesting this product to me.