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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that care technology can be very confusing. You're always free to call us, but you can also see if the questions and answers below can help.

What is an emergency alarm?

An emergency alarm is a simple system that allows you to raise help as and when you need it. Simply press the button on your wrist (or neck) and it will call through to the control centre. They will speak to you through the alarm system to see if you're ok and send help if you need it.

Who can have an emergency alarm?

Anyone! If you want peace of mind, you can use a Wacot system!

When is Wacot open?

Wacot's customer service team are available from 0900hrs-1700hrs Monday to Friday via telephone 0333 050 6019. However For evening and weekends, our team are contactable via email at or through our Facebook page. Our control centre are open 27 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We'll always be there for you in an emergency.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our monthly contracts are on a 30 day rolling plan, so you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. For our annual plans, if you cancel within 30 days of your payment, you will receive a full refund when you return your equipment. For Lifetime plans, you are purchasing the equipment, but refunds will be issued if cancelled within 30 days of purchase.

What happens if I press my pendant in an emergency?
Your alarm unit will begin to beep and it will dial the monitoring centre. One of the trained operators will speak to you through the alarm unit (you do not need to be close to the alarm unit as it has a very sensitive microphone), you will then need to speak back to them and explain what help you need. In the event of an emergency, the operator will call the emergency services on your behalf. If the issue does not require the emergency services, the operator will call one of the emergency contacts you supplied on the application form.

What happens if I press my pendant or activate any sensor by mistake?
When the operator speaks to you, simply explain that the call is a false alarm and they will end the call. Please don’t worry about false alarm calls, the operator will just be pleased that you are well and any call is a good test of the equipment.

Do I need to test the equipment?
Yes, you should press your pendant/falls detector once a month; tell the operator at the monitoring centre that it is just a test call. The batteries are self-testing so they will tell the control centre when they are running low, but it's still advisable to test your equipment once a month. It is also a good idea to test your pendant after a power cut or storm.

Can I wear my pendant in the bath/shower?
Your pendant is waterproof but should not be submersed in water for a long time.

Do I need to disconnect the alarm unit at night or if I go away on holiday?
No, please do not unplug the alarm unit for any reason; it is designed to be continuously connected. Unplugging it will cause the unit to beep and may cause problems at the monitoring centre.

What can affect my alarm unit from working properly?
Your alarm unit has a backup battery so in the event of a power cut the alarm unit will still work for several hours. You need to ensure your telephone line is working as the alarm depends entirely on the phone line (unless you have a GSM unit, call us if you are unsure) so check your phone line daily if possible, you can do this by simply picking up your phone to see if there is a dialling tone, if not contact your telephone provider immediately. In the modern household you may have many devices that send out their own radio waves such as broadband routers or portable telephones, these can severely impact the efficiency of your alarm unit so please make sure you do not place your alarm unit within one metre of any wireless device. If you want to know if something may affect your alarm unit, give us a call on 0333 050 6019, we’re open 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

How do I make changes to the information the monitoring centre hold about me?
Just press your pendant and let the operator know the changes you wish to make. Alternatively you can call 0333 050 6019 for further assistance, we’re open 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

There is a fault with my alarm unit or one of my sensors, what do I do?
If your alarm unit is working correctly, press your button with the red markings on your alarm unit and report the fault to an operator. If your alarm unit is not working please call 0333 050 6019 and we'll be happy to help you, we’re open 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

I no longer want the equipment in my home, how do I arrange for it to be removed?
We hope you enjoy the peace of mind a Wacot alarm gives you, but if you feel you don’t need the equipment anymore then please call 0333 050 6019 to discuss your concerns with one of our adviser's, we’re open 0900-1700 Monday to Friday.

What do I do if I have a complaint?
At Wacot we pride ourselves on world class customer service and care. If you feel our standards have dropped we would love to hear from you to discuss where we have gone wrong, please call us on 0333 050 6019, we’re open 0900-170 Monday to Friday. You will be treated with understanding and respect and we will work with you to ensure the issue never occurs again.

How accurate is the Vibby Oak falls detector?
The Vibby Oak falls detector uses an advanced algorithm to detect most types of falls. However to prevent the constant activation of the device through movement, its reduced sensitivity means that it will not detect 'soft falls' such as slumping out of a chair, or descent controlled falls (for example you manage to grab a chair whilst falling so 'land softly'). This is why it's important to always press the button on the falls detector if you take a fall to ensure that the detector is activated. The falls function should be there as a backup, i.e. should you lose consciousness during the fall. If you have any questions about the Vibby Oak, then please do not hesitate in contacting us.