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Carer Pager Package Builder

What's included 
Info Pager Features
  • Large, clear, colour screen displays the alarm device, location and person
  • Capability of managing over 255 accessories in 255 locations
  • Holds information on the last 32 alarms
  • 3-5 Day Battery Life
  • Alerts be set to flash, vibrate or emit a noise, available in 3 different volume levels
  • Complete with integrated charging clip
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) enables location monitoring for inside the property (advanced setup)
  • CE Certified
  • Frequency 869.20-869.25 MHz
  • Range 75m typical, up to 400m (If used in conjunction with Repo+, contact us if range is an issue)
  • Dimensions : Height 94mm, Width 45mm, Depth 18mm
  • Weight: Approx 60g

Package Description

If you live with with someone and you want to know right away if they need help, then our carer pager package is for you. 

Our basic package is the pager (as shown in the picture) and an emergency pendant which can be worn around the wrist or neck. If you press the pendant, it will alert the pager letting the person who has the pager know that you need help.

If you require more than just a pendant, we also offer pager packages with a falls detector, epilepsy sensor or a bed sensor. Simply see below for further information and select your option above.

Once you click buy, this is a one off payment (unlike our other products which are subscription based). We will call you within 48 working hours to discuss how you want the equipment programmed prior to postage. This way you have a fully working solution out of the box!

We will send out clear instruction manuals with every item of equipment, so you will know exactly how to use your new equipment, but you will also be able to contact us on 0333 050 6019 or should you need further assistance, we're always happy to help. 

The pager has an excellent radio range (roughly 75 metres in a residential setting), so please consider this when purchasing your equipment. If you have a large house/garden, please call us to discuss how we can extend the radio range.

Equipment explained

Epilepsy sensor

If you select the epilepsy sensor option, you will be provided with the most reliable Tonic/Clonic epilepsy sensor available, the Alert-IT Companion, which can be used either on a bed or chair. For more information on the product, please click here Epilepsy Sensor

For a more advanced epilepsy sensor solution, you'll need the Alert-IT Guardian. Click here for more information on the Alert IT Guardian Epilepsy Monitor.

Bed Sensor

If you select the bed sensor option, you will be supplied with the most advanced bed sensor on the market, Possum's Paper Thin. The 'Paper Thin' is exactly how it sounds, it's paper thin! It can also be cut to size, meaning it will fit any bed or chair. For more information, click here Paper Thin

Fall Detector

If you select the falls detector options, then you will receive the Vibby Oak falls detector. This can be worn around the wrist or neck and represents the latest advancements in falls detecting technology. For more information, click here Vibby Oak

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J Anderson  /  London

I got this for my son. Pager and bed sensor. He has a learning disability gets up at night and eats stuff he shouldn’t. Plenty of visit to the hospital I was ready to throw in the towel. One of my friends suggested I look online, I came across these guys. Called them and explained. For the first time in a long time I had a great sleep. Went off once when he was ill and moving a lot that why I gave 4 stars.