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Alzheimer's Society

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By buying Wacot, you're helping the Alzheimer's Society battle dementia; by buying Wacot, you're changing lives.

Dementia currently affects 850,000 people in the UK alone. The chances are if you have an elderly loved one then you know someone with dementia, or you yourself may have it. 

Although we have made huge leaps in dementia research, we're still along way from 'figuring it out'. Organisations such as Alzheimer's Society work tirelessly to combat the condition and the prejudices that surround it. Alzheimer's society have a vision - a world without dementia and invest in research to achieve this aim. Recognising that we've got some way to go before we achieve a cure, they also strive to ensure that anyone effected by dementia can live their life to the fullest, free of prejudice and with the appropriate level of care. 

Find out more about the Alzheimer society's heroic vision here . Please feel free to donate to this worthy cause whilst you're visiting their site! 

So how does 'buying Wacot' help Alzheimer's Society?

Wacot are committed to providing a constant revenue stream to Alzheimer's Society and we do this by donating every time you buy a subscription service from us. The amount depends on what product/package you choose, but here's an example - for every secondary transaction paid to us on our annual packages, we donate £10 to the Alzheimer's Society. 

Given how popular our service is, you're helping change lives, not just for you or your loved one, but thousands of others who are currently experiencing dementia. 

Thank you from all at Wacot Ltd.