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Alert-It Companion for Epilepsy


The Companion Monitor is an effective solution for supporting tonic/clonic seizures as well as a variety of other situations resulting in movement, sound, vomiting or incontinence. Choose the correct solution to match your requirements.



The Companion Monitor is ideal for support of Tonic/Clonic seizures as well as situation that manifest sounds, vomiting or incontinence. It is perfect for domestic or professional use.

Bed Movement detection uses a highly sensitive sensor under the mattress to analyse the frequency of movement and activate an alarm if the movement is too long and frequent.

The Sound Sensor* is a special microphone to detect sharp gasps, clicks or groans. The device however is insensitive to background noise such as talking, TVs, radios or vacuums. Alternatively sound level can be used for those who make continuous noises during distress.

The Enuresis Sensor* (vomit or urination) is a comfortable thin cotton sheet placed on a mattress or pillow with embedded silver wires to detect moisture from urination or vomit. The sheet does not induce sweating, like plastic, and hence reduces sores and false alarms.

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Ryan  /  Poole

Bought for my son. Excellent product, can actually sleep at night now!!!